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Why should you book me?

  • Because I have a great catalogue of well chosen music that even the most die hard sour pusses can't resist. People love my DJ sets.
  • Because I look to enhance the event and not take it over. I provide a classy back drop, not a constant opportunity to blab over the microphone. Too many evenings have I seen ruined by cheezy mobile DJ's with rubbish jokes, rubbish songs, rubbish party games and rubbish shirts. This kind of DJ is absolutely not me so folks if this is what you are after then please look elswhere :)
  • Because I really do care about you and your event. A gig for me is not an opportunity to pocket a few quid but a chance for me to create a great time for all.
  • Because as well as being a DJ with killer tunes I am a cut above the rest because I am a qualified and time served musician and sound engineer. So when it somes to music and getting the sound right for your event you're in safe hands.
  • Because I have invested well in top quality equipment that looks and sounds the business and will take your event to that next level.
  • Because I am 110% reliable and will not let you down. You can fully trust me to handle all aspects of your event that you require me to.
  • Because I am a listener and if there is anything you want or any songs you want then I can accommodate this should you let me know in advance.
  • Oh and did I say I was sooooooooooo passionate about music?