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Big Boss Man Logo

Here are some music style examples - please note Last FM has some suspect versions of songs and many of the songs I would want to include are not available for playing on Last FM!!!:

http://www.last.fm/user/bigbossmanindie takes you direct to my indie, alt-rock and leftfield pop profile.

http://www.last.fm/user/bigbossmandj takes you direct to my soul and funk profile.

Big Boss Man provides a bespoke setlist service. I always ask my clients if they have songs they want playing at the event so I can source these and play along side my already cool sounds.

Simply put, the music Big Boss Man plays is the good stuff from the above listed specialised genres. If you want a cheesy general pop DJ then look elswhere as I take my music seriously and cater for those who love their music too.

That being said my music sets consist of medium to up-tempo tracks chosen specifically to get people dancing and having a proper good time. Will you work up a sweat? Probably...

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